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Kawasaki Ninja


he says     i used to go

that fast     as it rips

by us     faster


fastest i ever went

was 165     before

you were born     i

could feel

it right on

the top

of my head

pressing me

like     you stop


listening     out the window

your fingers flow like

dolphins through the blur


              green, violet, green,

Corner of Drayton & Ansel


That's not just any old

man smoking a Swisher on

a crooked red porch     watching


traffic     Your lonely nights are

over     That's Love     sunburnt, leathery

Love, far-eyed Love    looking


right through your Subaru     But,


you asshole     When the light

turns green     you are just

going to go     aren't you

Via Appia


cherry red sun     he says alright

just listen     and then he tells


you something in latin     taking his

eyes off the road to watch


you listen     behind him new york

welcomes you both and reminds you


to fasten seatbelts drive sober and

save a life by     you miss


the rest      and you look back

at him and he has fallen


quiet and the cattails the cattails

do not stop     up and down


the highway shoulder     into red horizons

behind you and ahead     billowing     billowing




lemon yellow moon     among the cattails

aglow    he mutters while he pisses

wrinkled face brightening darkening in headlights     


and you think about a shower

you once took     tired as fuck

just sitting there     letting water fall

lukewarm down your legs like God's

Blessings     thinking about     what were you


thinking about     he climbs back into

the driver's seat     rolls a Grape


Zig Zag     hands it to you

expectantly     something he said     you smile


you laugh     you roll down the

window     new york welcomes you both


reminds you to fasten seatbelts     drive

sober     and save a life by

Three Poems

                                                                                                   by Nathan Copperwheat 

Nathan Copperwheat is 21 years old, going to school in Bennington, Vermont.  He often drives long distances, and writes lots of poems.  He is vaguely from the east coast (New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, etc.).  His cat's name is Parmesan.

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