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Frank Finds a Black Hole

                                                                                                   Illustration and Poetry by Jeremy Snowden 



Fizzled to the bone


Face gaunt


Horns raised


I house the scavengers


Nothing can quench


That which repels







A Good Place


Step right in, take off your shoes


Have you


Do you want to meet...sorry


Rude, just rude and arrogant 


I’m sorry 


But my fingers and toes can’t count


How many times they’ve retracted


The precursor to my fleeing


Bathrooms are my favorite


In case you wondered


Small lavender houses of introspection


My score for unquestioned privacy


Retreat says my mind


In face of an interrogation 


masked in niceties


the laughter, the energy


All consuming like a fire across the wire


Morse code to my heart


A quick tip tap towards my solitude

The bathroom


Now that's my favorite

Jeremy Snowden is a filmmaker and illustrator based in the Bay Area. He currently attends UC Berkeley.

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